About Us

MPW is truly an international company composed of American, Italian, and Spanish influences, with a distinct Dominican flavor. Two continents and the Caribbean join forces to bring forth products that are trendily, effective, innovative and eco-friendly; all aimed at achieving the company's objective of making people to look and feel their best.


MPW Meso Esthetic Supply represents and distributes facial care, aesthetic and mesotherapy products and brands that are internationally recognized for using top-notch materials and equipment that help you and your company achieve results you desire.  




One of our main products is Gemma´s Dream Skin Boosters.  A cosmetic series of proven all day care products that replenish, rejuvenate, and restore your natural beauty. We are dedicated to the idea of being at the forefront of research, development, and innovation. 


We are committed to work with suppliers, laboratories and companies recognized for the quality and efficacy of their products. 
At MPW Meso-Esthetic Supply we subscribe to the slogan: 
¨If you look good you feel good¨. 
We promote total health aligned with the notion of balance through sound mind, body, and spirit.













Our diverse team of entrepreneurs, sharpened by different experiences in various countries, have been witness to cutting edge trends in the world of cosmetics and beauty helping us achieve and reach our quest to help you be your best. MPW Meso-Esthetic Supply, a company you can stand by.